Road Map

They aren’t goals. They aren’t plans. They’re destinations. And we’re going to get there.
Are you coming with us?

Where we're going.

Scroll down through the timeline below to get a rough picture of what LEAD is working on currently and towards future goals. (And, if you like, have a look at our History section to get a brief view of where we’ve been.)


LEAD's new website, Linkingefforts.com , launches.

Designed to aid in LEAD's mission to communicate, educate, and support prevention efforts, LinkingEfforts.com connects parents, teens, school districts, communities, and prevention organizations with the tools and resources they need to address substance misuse and the mental health issues that belie such misuse.

The first step in a multi-phase rollout covering the internet, social media, and in-person communications campaigns, LinkingEfforts.com provides a hub from which all other online endeavors can grow.



Text-a-Tip is reimagined and rebranded as TextForHelp.app.


In line with LEAD's efforts to provide mental health crisis assistance via licensed therapists across the country, the rebranding of its SMS help line represents a step forward towards a more accessible, communicable vision of what LEAD is and what it can do for communities.



A new LEAD for a new age in Prevention.

Still working under the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic and its societal effects, LEAD begins formulating a series of ambitious strategies to implement as the world transition back to normalization. With mental health straining under the weight of the pandemic, and subsequent substance misuse on the increase, LEAD looks to expand and expound upon its existing technological and operational capacities, increasing its social media presence and providing a frontend design that parents, teens, school districts, and prevention organizations can make use of the address their specific needs.

Moving on from the past, LEAD focuses on Linking Efforts between such stakeholders, putting the proper facts, tools, methodologies, and technologies in their hands so that they can have a greater impact on their communities.


Adapting to the Outbreak of Covid-19 Pandemic worldwide.

LEAD, like the rest of the world, transitions to home-office workspaces, adapting to the daily changes and challenges that evolve under the shadow of the pandemic. Continuing to offer its same quality programs, presentations, and advisory services via virtual environs rather than via in-person meetings, LEAD also confronts new mental health issues that arise. Platforms such as TextForHelp.app become more important than ever, and LEAD works to provide said platform to communities across the country.


Legalization of marijuana in Illinois.

With the passing of the Illinois Marijuana Legalization Law, LEAD works with local parents, schools, districts, and community stakeholders to negate its impact on local youth, highlighting the difference between legality and health and developing means and platforms for young people to discuss how to adapt to these changes.


LEAD takes on an emerging concern: Teen Vaping.

With the arrival of vaping, originally marketed as a "safe alternative" to tobacco use, LEAD is tasked with providing local parents, teens, schools, and community stakeholders with hitherto hidden facts about the substances used and their effect on young people.