Notes From the CEO: Proud of Our Kids

Take a moment, along with our CEO, to show pride in your kids and to let them know just how proud you are.
Dear Friends,
I hope this finds you doing well and looking forward to the summer!
As we approach the end of the 2020-2021 school year, I find myself reflecting on my family’s experience over the past few months. I have come to the conclusion that there are so many reasons I am proud of my kids. I bet most of us could say the same.
Last week, I stumbled across an article entitled, “20 Easy Ways to Tell Kids You’re Proud of Them.” I found this to be a quick read, with suggestions that can easily be put into practice. You can read the article, here. Below, I highlight my 3 favorites and the 3 that I most need to work on.
3 Favorites:
  • Say, “I believe in you.”
  • Hug them.
  • Tell them you’re grateful to be their parent.
3 I Need to Work On:
  • Say you’re proud in front of others (I’m already working on this. That’s why I mentioned above that I am proud of my kids).
  • Let your kiddo decide what’s for dinner.
  • Write them a note.
I would love to hear your favorites!

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