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LEAD’s Chief Operating Officer


Nate brings 7 years of experience in tech start-ups and over 15 years of experience in youth-led prevention. Nate has worked in start-ups and small businesses serving diverse clients, was employee number three at a premiere video game market research firm and shortly after graduating from college, Nate landed a job as a software consultant in Chicago.

Nate was first exposed to youth-led prevention in 2002 in his home town of San Ramon, California and continues to volunteer there. In 2016 he changed careers to work with Youth to Youth, an internationally known youth-led prevention program based out of Columbus, OH. Overseeing Youth to Youth’s tobacco grant, Nate coordinated prevention efforts with local organizations, guided teens in their development of counter-marketing materials, assisted local law enforcement with compliance checks, and was a key member of the summer conference staff.

Now, Nate is back in the Chicago area as our COO and SpeakUP! Coalition Director. Bringing his wide breadth of experience Nate is excited to work with the SpeakUP! coalition to advance prevention in our unique community. He believes that the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, but connection, and that our continued efforts to connect people in crisis with the services and support they need will help reduce addiction throughout our community and country.

In his spare time Nate enjoys camping with his girlfriend Rachael and their dog Boomer, enjoys rock climbing, and playing video games. Nate is an Internationally Certified Prevention Specialist and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology.

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Nate Biggs was introduced to youth-led prevention in 2002 when his mom gently dragged him to a Youth to Youth conference. Youth-led had such a powerful impact on him that years later he left a career in software consulting to work in prevention full-time. Today, Nate is a dynamic and experienced speaker who weaves information, anecdote, and humor into all of his presentations. He believes that education, support, and strong relationships are critical to reducing and preventing youth substance use. Please welcome, Nate Biggs.

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