A Note of Thanks: Katie Ford & Share A Smile

LEAD offers a note of thanks to Katie Ford of Flower By Katie and Share A Smile.

LEAD offers a note of thanks to Katie Ford of Flowers By Katie and Share A Smile.

A famed source of kindness and joy in the Lake Bluff / Lake Forest communities, Katie has dedicated precious time and positive energy towards sharing her personal mental health journey both in person and online. Her courage in expressing her story, and her efforts to make others comfortable sharing their own vulnerabilities, is representative of the strong and vibrant character that our community has come to know and love.

And her generosity does not end there.

Through Share A Smile, she and her partners graciously donate a portion of all sales proceeds to non-profits dedicated to mental health. Indeed, we at LEAD were honored to be chosen as the recipient of said donations throughout May’s Mental Health Awareness Month. Support like Katie’s make it possible for LEAD to continue our work towards healthier, happier teens.

Thank you, Katie, for allowing us to link our efforts with your own. ❤️

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